Extended transition period to label the UKCA Mark

The Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) has given an extra year of transition period for the application of the UKCA mark to all aerosols sold in Great Britain (England, Wales, and Scotland).

The application of UKCA marking is now compulsory from 1 January 2023. Until then, aerosols sold in GB can carry either the reversed epsilon or the UKCA mark.

Under 13 of the Product Safety and Metrology SI aerosols require the addition of ‘UKCA compliance mark’. This is an equivalent of the ‘reversed epsilon’, which is known under the EU cosmetics regulation.

Below is the UKCA mark:

The mark has to comply with the following points:

  1. must be at least 5mm in height
  2. must be easily visible, legible

Until 1 January 2023, the UKCA mark can be applied as a sticker. From 1 January 2023, UKCA mark has to be placed directly on aerosol dispensers.